Small Business Marketing Consultant

Small Business Marketing Consultant

Small Business Marketing Consultant,There is no gain in restating the fact that competition in the business world is fast becoming cut-throat while lots of startups are worst hit as they bear the brunt in trying to make a headway against the established brands.

Statistics have shown that 50% of businesses fail within the first four years while a whopping 90% of startups equally pack up not long after opening their doors for business! These numbers are no doubt scary and discouraging, however, in the midst of these brand carcasses, quite a number of startups are turning the tides and making great exploits. This piece of article was penned down to reveal to you the “Why” and “How” you could join the 10% of startups who brave the odds to emerge as renowned brands in diverse fields.

  • Do you have Online Presence?

Lack of adequate online presence has been blamed as one of the major reasons why many small businesses find it difficult to break even, regardless of how much effort they put in. Studies have shown that owning a website is a crucial step necessary for any small business marketing plan but ironically, 6 out of every 10 small businesses are currently not online! To optimize your online presence and gain an edge over your competitors, you don’t just need to have a website but also have social media profiles and business class email.

  • How Strong Is Your Online Presence?

While having a website as well as social media profiles among others may be the first vital step towards consolidating your business, it doesn’t just end there. It may interest you to note that you are not the only one whose business is on Google, indeed, there are quite a lot of them jostling for the same space. Now, this reality is what makes it very important for you to ensure that you rank higher in Google and be ahead of your rivals. This is why you need to work with Digital Marketing Partnerz in order to rank higher in Google and ultimately gain more customers. Having a deep understanding of how to build a brand and helping it to achieve its objectives is one of their core areas of expertise.  

Have you ever wondered how some of your competitors end up ranking first on Google while your own business is nowhere to be found? In the face of high and rising prices of advertisement, what alternative do you have? What’s your game plan about competing with the larger companies who has already cut deep into the market share? These are the areas where Digital Marketing Partnerz could work with you to achieve significant results within a short period.  

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization To The Rescue

Did you know that to rank #1 in your niche on Google is not rocket science, at least to experts like Digital Marketing Partnerz? Well, the fact is that you can actually rank at the very top within your niche and in essence, be able to grab a lot more organic customers and ultimately spend less on conventional advertisements while earning more revenue!

In the process of ranking your business at the very top, our algorithm will be able to track specific areas like website content, keyword analysis, website code, result analysis, visitor tracking, back-link building etc.

  • Is Your Website Design Efficient and Effective?

The importance of a well designed, effective and efficient website can never be overemphasized, but unfortunately, many small businesses and startups do take it for granted. Web Design is one of the most basic necessities your company and brand must get right. The truth is that if your customers and target audience are not comfortable using your website, than the chances that they will transform to paying customers will become drastically reduced!  

Your website should be designed in such a way that it will be well optimized and appealing, regardless of whatever device is used to access it. Some website could look great on desktop only for same website to appear shoddy and boring on mobile devices. An effective website is one that remains appealing whether you access it with desktop, notebook, tablet or mobile phone.  

  • Social Media Marketing & Brand Management

How much have you leveraged on Social Media Marketing as well as Brand Management to boost your business? Today, the social media has transformed into a force to reckon with when it comes to business and brand development, especially for small businesses and startups.

The traditional marketing mediums such as TV commercials, print ads or radio can be quite expensive for small businesses maintain, however, with the advent of the social media, you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune before you could connect with your target audience since the SM is absolutely free. You can leverage on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln etc to reach out to your target audience. The benefits of social media marketing are numerous and they include: better customer service, cost efficient, improved customer insights, connectivity, establishing brand awareness, improved sales etc.

With the social media, you will not only be able to relate effectively with your existing customers but will equally leverage on them to get new ones.

Why You Need to Get In Touch With Digital Marketing Partnerz Now

More than ever before, the business world has become so dynamic and new trends keep emerging daily, and only those brands that are flexible enough to keep abreast with the changes will remain relevant. At Digital Marketing Partnerz, we have experts that are well grounded, and will take critical look at your business and fashion out modalities that will significantly turn around your fortunes by using a small business marketing consultant!

Top 20 Small Business Tools!

Small Business Marketing Consultant

You must not take anything for granted because your competitors are doing everything possible to outwit you, and it’s your duty to ensure that such does not happen by being one step ahead of them, always.

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