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SEO Specialist – In this era, capitalism has beleaguered the whole world and the global market. Businesses all over the globe aspire to increase their profits and market share. Thanks to technological advancement and humans’ extraordinary wisdom, a blessing in the form of ‘Internet’ was bestowed. The Internet is one of the greatest inventions that connects everybody in this world, no matter where you are and what time you’re living in. The Internet gives everyone instant access to information, knowledge, and entertainment. Almost every corporate needs the internet to grow their business rapidly and people like to learn anything sitting on their sofas in front of a computer having internet. Because of the increased competition in almost every walk of life and easy access to a vast reservoir of information about anything, it was difficult without a proper platform to produce desired results for the searches by users. To solve this problem, ‘Search Engines’ were created to bifurcate website links and optimize them according to certain requirements.

Every day there is an addition of thousands of websites and links on search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). Because of this, it gets very difficult for the internet user to find the desired link. Users generally choose a link from the first page of the results. They do not usually view the other succeeding pages. Some good website links are given on the other pages which are not viewed by the users.

This tendency affects the revenue and confers loss on the business. The awareness of the business is negatively affected due to less viewership. Because of this businesses are moving towards the optimization of their respective websites. These optimization websites are called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is Search Engine Optimization and what do SEO Specialists do to help your business grow?

Today the internet caters to more than 140 million websites and to find our desired results we mostly rely on search engines. The increasing number of websites compel corporates to prefer search engines. There is a wide choice of search engines to choose from. But the majority of people prefer Google. When a user searches something on a search engine a results page appears with a list of websites the search engine found. The SEO specialist’s role is very vital here because they help in refining your website. Most people do not go beyond the first page.  A new search will be entered rather than choosing from thousands of pages. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you appear toward the top of the list. The SEO specialist will implement the required changes to optimize your website for the search engine.

The search page includes two types of results i.e organic and paid. The paid ads are those ads for which people pay search engines to place their ads on top when a particular search is placed. Organic results, on the other hand, are based on their similarity to the keywords entered and are not paid.  Organic results are chosen 90% of the time and most of the users will choose from these results. This is significant for the business to attract more subscribers. This is why SEO specialist matters with regard to the success of the business.

A sophisticated formula is created by key search engines to rank the websites. An SEO consultant will provide assistance to boost that ranking. An SEO specialist can use a number of techniques to boost your website’s ranking. Firstly, he will provide you with the optimal keywords for the site. In the past SEO used to be pretty straightforward. More phrases were added to the site and that particular phrase was put into all the content. The ranking of sight would increase as a result. A higher ranking will result because of more keywords and phrases used. Using keywords nowadays is obsolete and relevancy is a more appropriate basis. A specialist will help you in evaluating the keywords to choose for the sit. Moreover, high-content articles and posts will be added to your website to attract more visitors.  Secondly, by gathering inbound links and backlinks. These links are important as they will bring potential customers to your site. Thus, boosting the number of visitors to the corporation’s site. All this will eventually result in a better overall ranking for the site. Thirdly, by improving your site security.  A big problem is that when someone uses a website for online purchases, there is a constant risk of their bank details being stolen or maligned. To solve this problem an SEO specialist will boost site security by creating an SSL Certificate for your site. Fourthly, by raising awareness and positive image on social media. Nearly two billion people and probably even more than that use social media sights e.g.  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. If your website is popular or gets popular on these social media sights, search engines will take notice of it and your website’s ranking will increase. Finally and most importantly, an SEO specialist can ensure that your website displays well on mobile devices by increasing mobile friendliness. There is an ever-increasing market of mobile users. Businesses can attract this huge market by making mobile-friendly websites. To conclude, the SEO specialist has a vital role in your business success. Whether it is increasing the website’s awareness or optimizing it for the search engines. Do you want to use SEO to grow your business?!

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