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San Francisco Marketing

San Francisco Marketing – Since the last three decades after the emergence of the internet, the nature of doing business has changed. This shift has been phenomenal and it seems that internet has marked the total breakaway from traditional ways of doing business.  This swing has been multiple in executions and it influenced many traditional areas of the business. But the one area which has gone through a revolution is the Marketing. The traditional marketing is declining with wicked speed and new dimensions of the marketing are emerging.

Options in Marketing

Now there are two ways of marketing for small and large business, Traditional marketing and Digital marketing. It is not possible for small business owners to go for both kind of marketing because of the limitation of budget. They have to choose one or another way of marketing. This decision of choosing digital marketing or traditional marketing for your business is not easy because both forms of marketing is going on presently but the tilt is towards digital marketing because of numerous benefits that digital marketing offer to business.

San Francisco Marketing

San Francisco marketing has changed drastically under the influence of prevailing digital marketing. Organizations in San Francisco or small business enterprises still face the dilemma with a question, which way of marketing will give them bang of their bucks?  Small business owner often ask the question how do they know which way of marketing is suitable for their businesses? And how would they know whether marketing is working for them or not? Who should they trust about their marketing? Whether they should do the marketing themselves or hire some marketing organization to do marketing for their business? These are the common questions that owners of the businesses would ask.

Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing

First of all digital marketing and traditional marketing are entirely different from each other in nature and execution but both have merits and demerits. The objectives of both kinds of marketing are same which are the growth of sales and brand recognition. Let’s analyze the benefits and downsides of traditional marketing so that you could make your choice what kind of marketing is best for you.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing includes marketing through print media like newspaper, magazines, flyers, brochures, posters or advertising your business by playing your ad on radio or television. It also includes postal mail delivery of your advertisement to the homes of target audience. 

Benefits of traditional Marketing

There are few benefits of traditional Marketing

Reachable local audience

In traditional marketing, first you identify your local target audience and then you can reach to them easily through newspaper, magazine, flyers, poster, radio, television or postal delivery. For instance, you can play your TV or radio ad in selected area of your target audience or you can deliver flyers through mail in selected suburbs. So reaching to exact local audience is easy in traditional marketing.

Hard copy material

In traditional marketing hard copy advertising material is distributed to the target audience. The audience can keep the hard copy material and consult it over and over again for browsing, reading, contacting and even for ordering the product or service. This creates a strong impact on audience to make them loyal customers of the advertised business.

 Easy to understand

The people can understand the message of the business company easily because they are used to this kind of advertisement.

Demerits of Traditional Marketing

There are numerous disadvantages of traditional marketing in comparison of digital marketing.

Lack of interaction

Traditional marketing in nature is all about just providing the information to the target audience with hope that audience will respond back and patronize the brand. The success ratio of this kind of advertisement is very low because traditional marketing does not provide a solid forum of interaction where the consumer and business company could interact to each other to have the questions of the customers answered or to have feedback to improve the quality of the product.

High cost

Cost of traditional marketing is very high. The printing of material and its distribution cost lot of money. The creation of broadcasting content and then broadcasting it on the Television channels or Radio cost much which is often not affordable to sustain for long. The effectiveness of the marketing comes from sustained marketing and due to high cost it is not possible for small business organization.

Measuring of Results

The measuring of results in traditional marketing in terms of growth in sales and brand recognition is very hard. You never know how many people made the purchase because of your traditional marketing. As the results of this type of marketing are not certain and clear, it gets very hard for the owner of the business to invest further in marketing of the business. 

Limited in scope

Traditional marketing is very much limited in scope. Its capacity to target audience is limited. You need lot of resources to print the posters, flyers, brochures and then the delivery of this printing material to the homes of target audience is also very hard. You need loads of men-power to reach maximum of your potential customers and it can out-budget you any time without yielding much of benefits. 

Price hike of the product or service

As in traditional marketing, you have to invest a lot consistently, the price of doing business hikes which ultimately leads to price hike of your product or service or decrease in your profit. Often such conditions also affect the quality of the products or services that you provide to your customers.


Through above mentioned analysis, we can clearly observe that traditional marketing is not suitable for small business organization. The best way of marketing for small business organizations is Digital marketing which is broad in scope, low in cost and quick in results. There are many marketing companies in San Francisco that can deliver you effective digital marketing services for your business just like Digital Marketing Partnerz which is hugely popular in providing result oriented digital marketing services. Organizations in San Francisco should implement marketing through Digital marketing for getting growth in sales and brand recognition worldwide Contact us, let’s get your more customers.

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