SAAS Marketing – (What Are You Waiting For?)

SAAS Marketing

SAAS Marketing – Ever since the advancement of technology marketing has taken several twists and turns. The journey from traditional marketing to digital marketing has been quite challenging. And it is in fact critically diverse from almost every other kind of marketing.

The scope of traditional market came to an end with the progression of online networks and businesses. In short, traditional market isn’t effective like it used to be, unless you have loads of money to invest. Conversely, there is digital marketing which not only requires minimal investment but targets large number of audience.

SAAS Marketing

This is the main reason why majority of the networks and businesses, specifically SaaS businesses are opting for digital marketing strategies instead of the former traditional ways.

To clarify the concept of SaaS business here is a little overview.

It is mainly the process to sell a software product with the help of a license. Moreover, we can also describe it as a corporation which hosts an application over the internet and provide numerous distinctive services.

In this article, we’ll point out some tired and tested SAAS marketing strategies which will help you grow you SaaS business. All the tips and strategies mentioned below have helped tons of different companies’ prosper and grow immensely. Have a look.

The most important source – Product Trial:

Product trial is considered as the fastest growing source of the SaaS businesses. Majority of the users prefer opting for a trial option prior to making the purchase. Which means the first thing you need to is create a trial for your website in order to promote and increase the users. If you have a tech-savvy audience then product trials can be perfect for the promotion of your business. Since, the trials are usually self-serve which allows you to generate a lot of users with a small amount of investment.

Even though, there might be a few drawbacks of product trials as well. In order to show-case your business and increase the number of users it is necessary that the people have an excellent and positive experience while testing your product.

By giving an array of options including online support, automated emails, webinars, notifications and call support during the product trial you can attract the customers to a really great extent. The more the customer put in their time and energy, the more they’ll get to know about your product. This ultimately concludes that product trials can help in growing your SaaS businesses a lot.

Marketing using attractive content:

Content marketing is quite important in attracting the clients towards your SaaS business. Majority of the businesses worldwide are using content marketing strategies to progress and expand their businesses. Since, content marketing has a compounding functions, which means it increases the value with each day passing by.

Significantly, content marketing is also beneficial in other aspects as well. It drive leads continuously expanding your business slowly and gradually. This makes content marketing the best strategy to expand your SaaS business.

Dropbox, Intercom and Moz are some of the services which can attract the customers as well, which is why using these can help in attracting the customers and expanding your SaaS business as well.

Search Engine Optimization – the fastest way to attract customers:

SEO has been really effective for promoting businesses online. Most of the SaaS businesses are choosing this tool to gain recognition in the digital world. To make your content and business discoverable you can use SEO. This makes it convenient for different customers to search for you engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

SEO is further categorized into two types:

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

On-page SEO:

The reason why On-page SEO is widely considered is mainly because you can entirely control it yourself. By creating the content you think is required, you can engage them easily. This also makes it easier for you to target the specific audience making the growth of your business convenient.

Off-page SEO:

Even though, it is primarily concerned with creating links but it provides a lot more than that. Although, the link building is important as well but the quality is the thing which really matters. Formation of high-quality links is necessary if you are thinking of expanding your SaaS business.

Give away to your customers:

If you want to persuade your audience to use the service or product you are providing then the best way is to give something valuable. Giveaway can be of any kind. Providing trials, or free vouchers and gifts can attract the clients to avail your services as well.

Most of the SaaS businesses like Gmail Dropbox provided a lot of free storage to the customers which helped the business expand enormously. Such types of referral programs helps in growth and progression of the businesses making them recognizable in the market.

Such strategies are usually really helpful for online businesses. However, there is a little investment in this strategy but the results are always commendable. Amazing, right?

Online or digital marketing has provided numerous options to promote and expand one’s business. Since, this is an era of technological evolvement and social media therefore majority of the businesses usually prefer using these means instead of the traditional ways.

However, both the ways; online marketing as well as traditional marketing to promote SaaS businesses require hard work and commitment. No matter how well your business is there is always some room to improve and expand.

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SaaS businesses are gaining recognition with the development of online setups. Just put in some efforts and use these strategies to promote and expand your SaaS business. Want us to grow your business?

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