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NH SEO, Search Engine Optimization or popularly known as SEO is a buzz word of the internet age. What does SEO mean? And why is it important for your business in New Hampshire? Or why should you even be reading about SEO when you already have a successful business? These are the few frequently asked questions by companies in New Hampshire that we will be answering in this article. 

What is NH SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the optimization of your website in a way to appear higher on the search engine return pages or SERPs. That is designing your web page content in a way to help the search engines zero-in on the exact search keywords a client has put up in their search.

The keywords are the relevant terms that summarize your business and your entire website. These are the tags that identify what your business is about and helps in connecting the clients to your website. In order to optimize your website for the search engines, it is extremely important to include keywords that are relevant to the business.

Most of the search engine use programs called “crawlers” or “spiders” to search for keywords on different webpages matching with the contents of the search put up by a user. As a result, these programs read and analyze pages on the web and then return with a list of search results called Search engine return pages or (SERPs).

Why SEO is important for companies in New Hampshire?

Understanding how SEO works is very important for every business owner and especially those in the services sector. For instance, a large number of companies in New Hampshire operate in the services sector, with high levels of public dealing involved. Furthermore, tourism is one of the leading sources of income for New Hampshire based companies. Hence, the area hosts a lot of visitors around the year who are alien to the place and rely heavily on information available on the local companies’ websites. In such a business environment, it is extremely important for companies to optimize their company websites and ensure maximum visitors.

How to Optimize your Website?

Now the all-important question arises on the process of website optimization and how to do it? Though there are multiple ways to optimize one’s website to appear higher in the SERPs, we will only be discussing the “White Hat Techniques”.

White Hat techniques are the legit techniques that one can use to optimize their websites to appear higher on the SERP list and attract maximum traffic ensuring a smooth flow of visitors without getting into trouble with the search engines. Here are a few “white hat techniques” that can be applied:

  • Including the keywords in your website title
  • Placing your keywords in the headers
  • Using the optimum number of keywords

Meanwhile, there are a few obstacles to SE optimization, like:

  • Overstuffing of the keywords in the content (doing this can label your page as a spam page by search engines)
  • Maintaining the optimum SERP vs Content Quality balance. I.e. the inappropriate use of keywords can affect the quality of content on your website, resulting in customer dissatisfaction resulting in low website traffic and hence lower sales. 

Hence it can easily be understood that seemingly easy, SEO is a complete art that requires skillful artists to materialize its benefits. That is why we recommend companies in New Hampshire to contact SEO experts to optimize their websites and ensure maximum benefits.

Another important question from companies in New Hampshire is “What hampers optimization of our websites?” There can be a lot of factors that hamper the optimization of your website including:

  • High level of non-text content, i.e. if your website includes a plethora of videos, images or audio clips or your text is contained in plug-in presentations then it can get difficult for search engines to analyze the keywords contained therein, resulting in a lower rank on the SERPs.
  • Improper link structure. The improper link structure deals with the coding of the website and if the website is poorly developed it can result in difficulties for crawlers to check out the content of the website and thus affect your ranking in the SERPs.
  • Duplication of pages. Duplication of pages creates a major problem for the search engines as they are looking for unique content. Hence duplication, either due to mistake or the use of content management system can result in poor visibility to the search engines.
  • Errors in the coding of the website can affect the visibility of your website to the search engines.
  • Forms/Sign-ins. If the main content of your website is behind a sign-in form then your website’s visibility will be affected and your SERP rating will further fall.


How will optimizing your website benefit your business in New Hampshire?

As mentioned earlier, businesses in New Hampshire work around the tourists/locals and services related to the sector. As such, the main competition between the companies lies in attracting maximum amount of customers to their websites. The company that will have a better search engine optimized website will be doing much better than a company, who might be offering better services but are unable to appear on the search engine radars because of a poorly managed and un-optimized website.

Furthermore, optimizing your website for search engines will not only increase the number of page landings but also increase the quality of page landings on your website. Meaning you will get the most “relevant” people on your page rather than people who wouldn’t be interested in your business. Check out the Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

Summing up, if you own a company in New Hampshire, it is all the more important for you to get your website SEO optimized otherwise you might lag behind your competitors with better-optimized websites.
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