How Businesses Can Use Social Media for Content Marketing

The Power of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in Content Marketing

The importance of Social Media, especially platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube among others have become apparent to not just business analysts alone but to an increasing number of business owners. The reason why social media is currently welding such enormous influence over the business world is not farfetched when we consider the following factors:

  • About half of the Global Populace Are On Social Media

Currently, statistics has shown that there are over 3 billion people all over the world who are either making using of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. Such number is indeed staggering and coupled with the fact the majority of them visit such platforms on a daily basis to interact with one another and equally get information on happenings around them. It affords you the opportunity to keep them engaged by posting interesting and informative updates about your brand and ways through which they could get value for money by creating a brand around your products or services. You have absolutely nothing to lose aside the time it takes to make the updates and respond to your followers. However, you don’t have to manage the accounts yourself; rather you can get someone to be your social media manager.     

  • Social Media Helps To Increase Brand Awareness

Studies have shown that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram does not only help people to remain connected with brands they are already associated with but equally makes it possible for new people or customers to know about brands they had no idea about and possible ways to connect with them. The amazing thing about using social media to increase brand awareness is the fact that it is relatively cheap to maintain when compared to other advert mediums such as television, newspapers, billboards etc. The key here is to be consistent by updating your followers with new and engaging posts daily.

  • It Affords You The Opportunity To Give Your Brand A Human Face

It has been proven through reliable studies that a significant number of people scarcely have trust in a brand except there is ‘real life’ evidences that such a brand is living up to expectations in service delivery. Therefore, in order to gain the confidence of your target audience and show them how effective and efficient your brand is, you will need to leverage on social media platforms to achieve this. Facebook and Instagram for instance can be an avenue through which your existing and satisfied customers will be able to show others how trustworthy your brand is and why they should subscribe as well to enjoy amazing benefits. Many people already know that virtually every brand is big on promises, but in reality, only some of them actually deliver on their promises. Such doubts will evaporate when they see everyday people giving testimonies about how good and reliable your products or services are, and ultimately, they will in turn develop more than a passing interest.

  • The Best Way To Keep Your Audience Engaged

One of the best ways to keep your audience fully engaged and committed to your brand is through social media. A research conducted by the Pew Center revealed that majority of people that make use of social media usually check their accounts several times or at least once at the barest minimum every day.  A further breakdown of the figures shows that 51% of Facebook users log into their accounts several times on each day, while 23% visit theirs at least once per day which tallies to an impressive 74% of adults having one reason or the other to check their accounts. Similarly, Instagram shows 38% and 22% of its users visit several times or at least once per day, while YouTube shows 29% and 17% respectively.

  • Considerably boosts website traffic

Virtually everyone craves attention in the online world and would try their possible best to drive traffic to their website. However, the problem is that there is a lot of content on the internet all seeking the attention of the same individuals. It becomes important to aggressively market your website through social media ads or through posts where you highlight great contents from your website with a link that will lead them to your website. One important thing to remember here is to ensure that you’re offering something of value to your target audience instead of overtly promotional. People tend to ignore a links once it is obvious that the overriding objective is to lure them to such websites or blogs. 

  • Enhance Your Sales

Regardless of the sort of products or services you render, you can certainly leverage on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc to significantly improve on your sales and overall revenue. One great advantage of using social media to enhance sales over the traditional advert mediums is that while you spend little or nothing in using platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc to promote sales you will be required to spend a huge amount of money when making use of the latter. Advert mediums such as billboards, newspaper adverts, radio and television etc can cost a fortune and still yet may not be as niche focused as social media that can easily capture a particular demographic the advert is intended for.  

  • Influencers To The Rescue

One major trend that emerged with the social media is power of influencers in helping people to make informed decisions. Studies have shown that influencers can help push demand for given products or services by as much as 20 to 50 percent! Influencers are individuals with considerably large number of people following their accounts, and thus can use their influence to make their followers develop an interest in your service or products. You can easily get in touch with influencers and pay certain fees to them, and in turn, they will be the ones to market your product or services to their large followers and tell them what they stand to benefit by advertising such products or services. Through word of mouth, they will get people talking and making healthy discussions about it.

  • Leverage On Social Media To Go Viral

Whether you are making use of influencers to market your products or services, or doing the work yourself, the ultimate aim is to create lots of awareness about what you are offering. Therefore, the more people are sharing, liking or commenting on it, the more it translates to increased audiences. Through comments, shares and likes your posts are able to garner from friends and followers of your social media account, and their own friends and followers doing likewise from their end, awareness about your products or services could end up going viral with thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of people across the globe getting to know about it. Such situation will certainly lead to a spike in demand if properly managed. It may not be easy to achieve viral status but in a world that is increasingly becoming interconnected, smart businesses are making the most of it by leveraging on social media to gain more acceptance and you should be doing same.

  • Social Media Is A Perfect Place To Launder Your Image

One constant thing about serving the public is the fact that not all the people who are knowledgeable about your products or services will be 100% satisfied, regardless of how good you are. In business, reputation and image matters a lot and it becomes critically vital when it comes to the virtual world. Therefore, every single opinion about your brand should be addressed where necessary. Positive comments about your brand should elicit a corresponding appreciative reply while genuine negative ones should equally be addressed by politely explaining to your aggrieved client/customer on possible reasons why they couldn’t get total satisfaction and how the issue has been resolved accordingly. However, if on the other hand it happens that your competitors or someone out there is on a mission to throw spanners in your wheel of progress by tarnishing your image unjustly, you will also be able to counter such malicious attacks by providing superior evidence to prove them wrong. Such image laundering posts on the social media could go a long way in assuring your target audience that you have their interest at heart and not just out to get their money. You can have a social media manager that will be in charge of such situations.

  • Gain More Insight About Your Target Audience

One unique advantage social media has over other forms of marketing is the ability to generate vital information about your target audience. Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc all have reliable analytics that reveals demographic details about your followers. All you will need to do is to analyze it and determine what majority of your customers are seeking for. It will give you information about what is trending and thus giving you the opportunity to be one step ahead. Depending on the sort of products or services you render, some of you followers may even request for certain needs to be met; some of them may be apt while others may be way off the mark. It will now be left for you to decide on the points to take that will enhance you offering.   

  • Eavesdrop On Your Competitors And Prey On Their Shortcomings

Many businesses in diverse sectors are facing increasing competition from adversaries who want to outdo one another and increase market share. In such situation, it becomes important to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and the convenient way to do that is through social media. How? You may ask. It’s simple, you will just have to observe the sort of comments people are making about them. Are there unresolved issues their customers are complaining about? Is there any product or service they are not happy with? You can smartly work on those areas efficiently in your own brand and emphasize how your customers stand to enjoy amazing packages in those areas your competitors have been found wanting. By so doing, you will be able to win over aggrieved customers from your competitors

How To Go About Social Media Marketing

There are countless varieties of social media platforms out there and more are still emerging as the days go by. Although, granted that you can open multiple social media accounts for the purpose of marketing, however, you should ensure that the ones you chose are suitable for your niche. For optimal performance, you should go for the type of social media platforms where you know that your target audience is likely to use. Let’s assume that your company is a record label or into video production, the most suitable social media platform for you would be YouTube. To another company in a different niche, Facebook or Instagram could be the best social media platform for them to use.

Having created accounts on suitable social media accounts for your niche, the next thing will be to create a schedule or calendar that will act as a guide and try as much as possible to stick to it. This will help you to stay on track and also plan ahead with your research, use of appropriate hashtags, pictures, links etc for better result.

Encourage effective engagement and interact with your followers in such a way that they will like they are stakeholders in your brand.

Avoid the temptation to be overtly sales conscious. Of course, we all know that your primary objective is to make sales and increase revenue but you don’t have to be aggressive in doing so. Update your followers with contents that will genuinely be of value to them while equally promoting your brand when necessary.

Ensure that no complaint is swept under the carpet; rather address every issue to a logical conclusion.

Remember that consistency is paramount, so remain committed at all times.