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Hotel Marketing – can be categorized as in a sense to exhibit the best ever policies and bounties a hotel offers to its customers. Hotel Marketing is usually done to attract the customers whenever it comes to market competition. Effective the Hotel Marketing , Greater will be the feedback from the customers.

Hotel Marketing is basically done to let the customers know that the particular hotel has all the required and desired facilities which a customer may eye for. Hotel Marketing includes every information about a hotel’s consistence which may act as a referral for the customers and which may persuade them to switch to your particular hotel.

Hotel Marketing may include the important facts and preferences which are listed as below:

  • Create a Great Website:

Well, creating a great website will also tend to attract the customers worldwide. It is a useful way of hotel marketing and is also affordable. Creating a good looking and attractive website is more liable to glue customers to your offers. Creating an efficient website also enables the customers to know about the valid offers of your hotel.

  • Following SEO Staples:

It’s not enough only to have a good and efficient website until your website is not linked to SEO. Having a large number of creative keywords may produce noticeable chances of getting your website highlighted at top. These keywords will help in sense that whenever customers will search for relevant option, they will get to visit your website which will in turn prove beneficial for your hotel.

  • Create a Special and Distinctive Identity:

To yield a better number of customers, a hotel management should create its special and distinctive identity from the rest of the market. If a hotel wants the customers to pay special attention towards their hotel, they should come up with customer friendly policies. Hotel Management should take an extra mile to make customers feel at home and this very thing will persuade them to come to your hotel.

This is very technique has a lot to do with hotel marketing , as mentioning all the perks your hotel is giving will attract a good lot of customers.

  • Real Authority Recommendation:

Get your hotel recommended by Real Authority. As in, getting recommended by local tourism offices and authorities will help you increase number of your customers. It is a normal mentality that customers switch to places which have great reputation and someone may give guarantee of. So, getting yourself recognized will help you to create a good reputation of your hotel and will obviously will get importance whenever it comes to market competition.

  • Online Travel Agencies Promotion:

Promoting yourself is key to acquire more customers. Promotion is what shortlists you when it comes to market competition. It is nevertheless, always good to get yourself renowned with online travel agencies and travel brokers, as they will promote your hotel and will lead international customers to your hotels. When people look for some international holidays, they mostly use the hotel recommended by the Travel agency and if everything goes good, international customers will automatically come to your hotel again and again.

  • GDS:

GDS is a Global Distribution System which connects hotels with Global Travelling Agencies which promote your hotel while finalizing traveling deals with customers. This is a far easy and affordable way for promotion of your hotel which may in turn attract customers round the globe. So, hotels must have these kind of promotion policies which may prove effective for them.

  • Utilization of Social Media:

When promoting your hospitality business you must use social media as one of the sources. Social media is one of the most effective backgrounds these days.

It is very beneficial and affordable channel for promotion of one’s business. It is absolutely free to create accounts on social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc and is very liable to attract the customers round the world. You will just have to create an attractive webpage which may consist of pictures of your hotel and services you provide. This very thing will appear as eye catching towards the customers and they will definitely contact your hotel if it falls according to their taste.

  • Consider Reviews and Recommendations:

A hotel management should act receptive towards what customers has to say about your services either it is good or bad. Whenever any customer gives any review or recommend something about your services, you should react positive and appreciate the observation of customers and whenever you are promoting your hotel, you should mention that the problems have been fixed according to suggestions. This will impose a good impression of yours on them and they will definitely fall back to your hotel knowing that your hotel keeps everything regarding customer in mind. And, it too will impose a good impression of your management on new customers as well.

  • Personalization Marketing:

The very effective way of promoting your hospitality services is to promote your hotel via Personalization marketing.  This is very useful way and it may yield a large number of customers. It is a way to do promotion on individual basis. It may attract a good lot of individual and new customers.


Consider if agents of your hotel promote personally, it will develop a kind of impact on the clients and it may be satisfying for the customers as your agents might be answering their questions and queries at the spot which in fact can attract a large number tourists. Moreover, chatting around with tourists can help you improve your services and may also help you know what kind of facilities adore people.

Do you want more customers for your hotel?

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