Essential Resources for Entrepreneurs

Why You Need To Have Them to Ensure Your Business Runs Smoothly

There is no doubt about the fact that ways of doing business has evolved so much over the years, especially since the emergence of internet which was followed by artificial intelligence (AI). Any entrepreneur who wants to remain on top of his game will have to make an effort to keep pace with modern trends while abandoning ideas that have become obsolete.

Today, there are lots of amazing free online resources that were developed to make your work much easier and the good news is that many of them are niche based and can work perfectly in specific certain areas for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

This article was penned down to guide you in selecting the particular resources that would be suitable for you, from a compiled list of free online resources.

  • Free Online Resource for Business Plans

This online resource tool comes in handy for budding entrepreneurs, investors and business owners etc who are seeking for business plans.

Business Plans or Bplans makes available to you, vast amounts of business plan templates that cover a wide spectrum of areas. This online resource not only provides you with business plan templates, but also gives you extensive insight about how to get loans from banks, making negotiations with investors etc.

For individuals who want to become entrepreneurs or to establish startups but are not sure on which business idea will be most suitable for them and how to go about it, then Business Plans will be the best resource for them to work with. Already, there are over 100 templates for retail business and diverse kinds of startups for you to chose from, and this is one niche alone!

  • Resource for Blogging

Blogging is one of the major writing activities that took the cyberspace by storm. Lots of people all over the world became bloggers and where creating content is more important than ever. The demand for online content grew and even more so did the number of bloggers increase which threw up a plethora of websites, blogs etc. Blogging may no longer be as lucrative as it used to be but you will have to devise a way of creating fresh, intriguing and captivating contents for your audience that will keep them committed in visiting your site. ProBlogger could help you in creating great content for your blog. This site may not be absolutely free but is definitely a bloggers paradise!

  • Resource for Website Creation

The importance of websites for businesses today can never be overemphasized considering that increasing number of people are going online to seek for even some of the most basic products or services. Times are past when owning a website used to be for the big companies, today, startups and small businesses are all setting up their own websites. However, some budding business owners may find the fees charged by programmers expensive. Luckily there are resources like WordPress and Wix that anyone can learn.

  • Resource for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short has become a very popular requirement in recent times. The reason for such requirement is not farfetched when you consider the fact that huge volumes of content are being created every day and subsequently uploaded online for people to read, and obviously, those uploading their content online will want it to rank as high as possible for obvious reasons, and it is through search engine optimization that such could happen. Other aspects of SEO include enhancing server speed as well as its performance. Bloggers and other content creators may need to use resource by Neil Patel to help them out in achieving this.  

  • Resource for Website Analytics

Creating a website for your business is not an end on itself because you may still need to follow up on your web traffic to get a grip on the activities going on there. People visiting your website may have different reasons for doing so and such details could prove helpful to you.

Analytics could prove crucial in areas such as advertising, sales, search engine optimization analysis, checking business performance among others. To achieve this objective, Google Analytics is the place to go, and the interesting part is the fact that it’s absolutely free.   

  • Resource for Generating Business Ideas

This is similar to Business Plan already explained above but still different since this is solely to generate business ideas.

As the saying goes, ideas rule the world. Recent events across the globe has revealed how random guys got catapulted into Forbes exclusive list of richest individuals simply because they picked up on an idea and developed it into a money spinner before others could say ‘Jack’. The good news is that opportunities are limitless and you could also be the next random guy to hit a jackpot through an idea.

Interestingly, you don’t have to think yourself to death trying to figure out what idea to pursue; rather, all you need to do is to check out what ideas SpringWise is throwing up and the ones you feel has promising prospects. SpringWise searches through high tech activities going on all over the world and highlights them accordingly. Some of such ideas may require huge investment outlay to carry out but it never hurts to have a look and keep yourself informed on ideas that may take the world by storm in the years ahead.

  • Resource for Free Digital Photos

It’s no brainer that images are helpful in making online contents more attractive and engaging, so using good images for your contents may be crucial. However, it may be expensive and stressful to use the services of a photographer or to get images on stock photo house. On the other hand, you can simply go to and help yourself with uncountable number of images you can easily download and make use of for free.  

  • Resource for Online Invoicing and Payments

Due is a reliable online tool that offers invoicing and online digital payments. Aside making invoicing and online digital payments available to you, Due equally provides up-to-date information on trending issues as well as solutions in relevant sectors such as technology, marketing, entrepreneurship etc.

  • Resource for Crowdfunding

There is no doubt that crowdfunding is becoming increasingly popular as a reliable means of raising funds. Are you thinking in the same direction? If so, then is where you should be heading right now. is a place where you can comfortably raise any amount you want, even as high as $5 million. The site can easily hook you up with genuine investors who are willing to put their money into your idea for mutual benefits.

  • Online Resource for Female Entrepreneurs

Attention! Men should keep off for this site is an all ladies affair. is a place where women with entrepreneurship goals congregate to rub ideas and encourage one another in the virtual ream. The site does not encourage idle talks or gossips as everything here is strictly business. Are you a lady with a startup idea or already established as an entrepreneur, then is where you should be to continue honing your skills in a field that is dominated by the opposite sex.  

  • Online Resource for Startups Seeking for Funds is a site exclusively created to help entrepreneurs and startups to realize their dreams without being handicapped by lack of funds. is very similar to since both sites are in the business of providing the much needed funds for startups and entrepreneurs. boasts of over 18,000 established entrepreneurs as well as CEOs who may be willing to buy into your idea.  

  • Online Resource for Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs is a catch-them-young site where young people with great minds are encouraged to pursue their dreams of becoming renowned CEOs as soon as possible. Just as the name implies, is for youths and young adults below age 30. However, there is no restriction for those who may be older as everyone regardless of their age could still benefit from the site and use the idea gotten there to enhance their business.    

  • Free Online Resource for Entrepreneurs with Multiple Social Media Accounts

At a period where having a presence in the social media is no longer an option but a necessity, it becomes very important for a business owner to be on HootSuite. Except you have employed a social media manager and given them a free reign to manage all your social media accounts without any care from you, then you need HootSuite. HootSuite makes it less stressful and time saving for you to easily joggle across your social media accounts efficiently.  

  • Free Online Resource for Monitoring Your Business on The Cyberspace

Google Alerts is a reliable way to monitor your brand or business reputation online. Considering how important a brand’s image is in the virtual world as well as in the real world, monitoring your mentions online could prove crucial in understanding the sentiments surrounding your brand or business. Through Google Alerts, you can simply set up alert prompts using particular keywords you want to get notification whenever you are mentioned.

  • Online Resource for Username and Password Convenience

Are you like the average entrepreneur with so many accounts and each requiring a password and username, then you must switch over to OneLogin ASAP, that’s if you’re not already on the platform. With OneLogin, you can conveniently log in to diverse platforms where you already have accounts without having to worry about which particular password or username you used for each one. Although, OneLogin is not absolutely free as some options have a fee ranging between $1 per month and $5 per month. 

  • Online Resource for Project Management

Asana is a tool that comes handy in helping entrepreneurs to keep track on their daily engagements. With Asana, you can easily monitor your projects, assign tasks to staff, maintain conversations etc. In addition to all that, you can equally make use of its calendar and customize your workflows for better results. 

  • Online Resource for Communication

Slack is an awesome tool for ease of communication at the workplace. Email and Skype are still very much relevant no doubt, but Slack is proving to be a more advanced and convenient app to get things done at the workplace in a more efficient way. Slack integrates features such as real time messaging, discussions, voice and video calls as well as having the ability to incorporate data from external apps. Any entrepreneur who is desirous of having a workplace with an efficient communication system would enjoy making use of Slack. 

  • Online Resource for Entrepreneurs Who Have Products to Sell

Shopify has emerged as a name that rings a bell whenever it is mentioned. The e-commerce platform may not yet be as popular as Amazon but is no doubt still a force to reckon with when it comes to online marketing. Shopify allows entrepreneurs to easily set up customized online shops under their platform. The good thing about Shopify is the fact that you don’t have to be tech savvy before you can maneuver yourself on the platform.   

  • Online Resource for Ease of Communication

Nextiva is an online tool that can help entrepreneurs to become more productive and achieve more tasks in less time. With Nextiva, you can efficiently interact with your customers through chat, voice, email etc. Also, it enhances workplace productivity by automating workflow in a way that allows specific sections to be dedicated in their assigned duties.