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Dolphin Cruises: Perfect for Watching Playful Dolphins

Destin is a great place for a fun day trip with friends and family on a warm sunny day. People go out on the beaches throughout the warm sunshine weather for a dolphin cruise. Dolphins are cute little playful creatures that tempt the visitors to have a closer look at them. There are so many dolphin cruise tours offered in Destin and what to expect from them depends only on you. Many companies offer these tours with different types of boats, from glass-bottom boats to jet boats with additional services. While some cruises are during the daytime, others are at sunset. The dolphin cruises are the ones that enrich your experience.

Many doubt if they are seeing dolphins or porpoises. Well, you see dolphins in the Destin beaches and not porpoises as the playful creatures have a mouth with a pronounced jawline that resembles a beak.

Now, you don’t see dolphins in the beach areas. So where could they find if not at beaches? The sightings are common in Choctawhatchee Bay, Gulf, and many bayous around it, and can also be spotted in the East Pass.

The dolphins love to play in the boat wakes, but sometimes they are on the search for schools of fish for their meals. If you see ripples in the water caused by fish, there are pretty good chances that the dolphins are close.

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Where the dolphin cruises go depends on factors like weather. If the cruise is happening after a stormy day or on a not sunny day, the water becomes murky, which makes it difficult to see dolphins. And outgoing tides make the waters darker with seagrasses. However, the incoming tides bring in the Gulf water that is clearer and bluer, which makes it easy for the sightseers to spot dolphins in the bay area. You might get an interactive experience with the creatures.

It’s not that you only get to see dolphins on a cruise, you can spot different fish like mullet, stingrays, blue crabs, sea turtles, hermit crabs, jellyfish, and even sharks if the water is clear or around the Gulf area.

If you want to experience everything that is said above, you can benefit from the services provided by the dolphin cruises. You sure would not find something quite like their services and staff. The charges are also affordable and competitive, and they always try to do better for their customers. So what are you thinking, now? Go book them for a wonderful day or evening trip.