Cannabis Advertising

Cannabis Advertising

Cannabis Advertising – Have you ever wondered why a few medicines make you feel dizzy and drowsy while others do not? Well, that is because they contain cannabis. Cannabis basically is a plant and is often used as a fancy medicinal name for what is locally known as recreational marijuana. Now marijuana is something not everybody is allowed to talk freely about in a household since it is yet considered as an addictive abusive drug. However, it is way more than that, and if you run a cannabis business, you may as well know this already. Also, if you are, today is your day. Buckle up because we have all you need to know in order to maximize your sales and grow your cannabis business to further success through Cannabis Advertising.

The cannabis business

There was a time when cannabis harvesting and use were strictly banned and only a handful of small cannabis coffee shops were able to survive those years. But it was only after the law passed by US states to legalize marijuana dispensaries under the approval of federal research programs, was when the idea of cannabis being a complete abusive drug was lifted. Ever since the Cannabis Business has been legalized in 10 of the states in the US and in 33, the medicinal use of it, a revolutionary increase has been witnessed. Cannabis companies have been sprouting and productions are set to reach a target of an astonishing $166 billion by the year 2025, as reported by the International.

Medicinal marijuana or cannabis serves tons of purposes in the health department. It tends to help patients with severe conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, glaucoma, and multiple cancers as well as other lower level conditions such as pain, nausea and muscle spasms.

Hindrance for cannabis companies

Although the cannabis business has been flourishing ever since the legalization, there yet remains many hindrances in the pathway. Since we are here to talk about the advertisement of the cannabis business, this is something we need to be aware of.

Earlier before the legalization act was undergone by the major states in the US, even the slight thought of such a huge step being taken by the government had bewildered many. Even to this day, the stigma has not yet been completely lifted. The drug has always been encrypted with a negative message to the public and the public was warned about the illegal distribution of it. Even when it is being used as a medicine, users are considered to be indulged in suspicious activities, such as crime.

Another of the major reason for the road blockage to success is that federal law has still not removed cannabis from the list of scheduled drugs, which further include heroin and cocaine. Not to mention the disadvantages cannabis is most likely to bring along, despite the many medicinal advantages.

Cannabis Advertising

The mentioned hindrances are bound to cause issues and bumps in your (very much legal) business. Including the fact that the general image of your product counts a lot during the advertising, cannabis does not historically report to earn a good reputation. However, these are one of the many challenges that the advertising teams need to overcome, but nothing that they cannot handle either.

Since these interpretations are long fed to damage perceptions by almost 100 years, the recovery time will be lengthy and demand muscle. Thus the advertising agency you hire for the business or the advertising team you own needs to realize these few ground rules mentioned below.

What to mind when advertising cannabis?

  • The industry trends

The current situation and the changing reputation of the industry must be kept in mind. Long gone are the times when the cannabis industry was a home industry but now is a well renowned international industry. Marijuana is now sold legally with computerized tracking of sales and other retail strategies just like any other product business. It is also taxed on by the respective states governments.

  • Evolving technologies

Technological innovation in the industry should be a priority. Some of these are lighting technology, grow room automation, extraction technologies, etc.

  • Different laws for cannabis marketing in different states

Despite being legalized in most states, the relevant states have different rules for cannabis marketing. For example, in Maryland, billboard advertising of cannabis is not prohibited. You need to keep the check of the respective rules for your respective states.

  • Staying aware of the repercussions in the market

Every industry has its risks and challenges that might not immediately show up in the beginning. Most of the times, they are the effects of the steps you take in your everyday matters of the business. Considering one’s decisions with care is a part of what might lead to these risks and challenges. As an advertising team, you would need to creatively manage the flaws and try to overcome the loss through increased advertising. Even decisions during advertising are very important with regard to repercussion.

All of the above points need to be considered deeply while advertising. You may have noticed the new innovative cannabis advertisements which have taken a new way of overcoming the taboos of the industry. Likewise, your agency would have to make its own way through that crowd and change the minds of the public, a whole new take on the matter.

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