9 Must Know Strategies! In 2019

Establishing a successful entrepreneurship is a dream for millions around the globe. Every year thousands of people set out to build a stellar business empire, with their heads full of ideas and aspirations’ in their hearts but only a select few make it to the top. Brutal as it may sound but that’s how the life and success mechanism works. You have to stand out from a crowd of talented masses to create a name for your self and to achieve undisputed and phenomenal success in your chosen field.

What’s the key to achieve success as an entrepreneur? Is there even a formula, a carefully devised algorithm that all these business magnates use to reach an elusive pedestal? Well, to be really honest, it is highly impossible to  crack down the ‘formula’ for making your business dreams transform into a spectacular success story. This is because entrepreneurship doesn’t work on a pre defined set of rules. Every entrepreneur has a unique story to tell and a completely varied set of hardships and struggles that held him back but defying the odds each of them found the courage, unwavering strength, acceptance of failure and a vision to believe in their dreams when no one would. And that’s what has made all the difference! 

Thus, if you are a beginner looking to reach great heights or a budding entrepreneur aiming to achieve your life goals then the most important thing you can do is keep going on, regardless of the circumstances. Giving up at any point in your life could put a noose around your career and make your precious dreams die a slow, poisonous and painful death.

 Now, to drag you out of the whirlpool of your problems and put you on the right track, here is an assorted list of 9 best strategies that can help entrepreneurs find the ultimate success.

  1. Learn to rely on your intuition

This fact can’t be stressed enough. Many people think that pragmatic and analytical thinking is what makes an excellent businessman but more than that an entrepreneur needs to realise and eventually learn to trust his deepest instincts to get out of the trickiest situations. Intuition is not only your gut feeling but a real and solid piece of knowledge which if utilised properly can help you make the most profitable decision by intricately amalgamating your past experiences and instincts to perceive and envision what others fail to understand.  Trusting your gut not only makes you work efficiently under pressure but also gives you an edge over your competitors. When you learn to base your problem solving strategies on your intuition this not only makes you independent but allows you to take risks and delve into unconquered territories whilst bringing out the best in you. Believing in yourself is by far the most important trait that an entrepreneur can master. It is extremely liberating and helps you to partake new and exotic endeavours even when the stakes’ are high. And who knows what might be just a tiny flicker of a peculiar idea today can change the world as we know it. If deep down you believe it’s possible then there’s no stopping you.

  • Always be prepared for potential contingencies

Amongst the many factors that can lead a soaring business venture towards an irreversible downfall being unprepared for worst possible outcomes’ tops the list. People often tend to confuse positive thinking and blinding optimism and this wrongful perception manifests it self in some nasty business drawbacks. Envisioning to transform your ideas into a possible reality accounts for a good and positive approach but allowing your passion to blur out the obvious risk factors can be a career suicide. A valuable piece of advice where all the top entrepreneurs stand in unison is that every individual who is aspirant of building a business should allocate a considerable amount of time, energy and thought in order to prepare for the worst possible situations. Entrepreneurship is a rocky road and there are bound to be several bouts of ups and downs. Prior planning and effective risk management strategies are the ways to dodge the curveballs. Plus, conserving your capital and minimising your financial needs from the start are going to help you fight those dark spells with optimum efficiency. 

  • Scour for a lucrative and unconquered business market

An advise to the wiser amongst the hoards of budding entrepreneurs is to dig deep for a unique idea and delve into market fields that are yet unconquered; before making any big moves. What’s the charm in establishing businesses that don’t have a spark of novelty in them? Breaking into a firmly establishes business territory is not only difficult but practically fruitless. You’d have to compete with market giant’s who posses tons of capital and valuable experience.  All these factors can devalue your efforts while putting you at an underprivileged position. So to prevent yourself from being overshadowed by the business hotshots, thoroughly search for a lucrative and bankable market niche; an opportunity which hundreds before you have failed to recognise. This kind of approach to come up with an extraordinary business idea can help you figure out a gap in between the demand and supply of a product or service and give you the ultimate chance to fill in the niche whilst making loads of profits. Always remember, when it comes to business having an eye for a great opportunity and the guts to invest in risky platforms always pays off in the end.

  • Don’t fear adversity. Get started!

The mark of a successful businessman is the knack to hit the mark when the time is right and the odds are favourable. If you think you have a brilliant idea up your sleeve and you can surely make it work than get started! Don’t wait up or get entangled in self doubts. All this procrastination and lack motivation can delay your progress while others would exhaust the opportunity that you once pioneered. Moreover, it is also important to learn the art of getting yourself back together after facing a serious blow. Adversity and business’ endeavours are often tied together. And sometimes it takes years before people can achieve their goals and a few unfortunate ones don’t even survive to see their dreams turn into reality. So, a word to the wise is to keep your eyes fixed at your bright future but fill your days with happiness and satisfaction that you get from doing what you love.  This would not only instil a sense of peacefulness within your soul but also attract potential clients who are inspired by your positive attitude towards your venture and some would even stand up to support you in your endeavours.

  • Establish great leadership and promote teamwork

Another very important quality without which an entrepreneur can never get successful is excellent leadership. When you are building a company from the scratch and trying to sell your idea to your potential audience’s you can’t deny the fact that these hefty foundational tasks need a collaborative effort. Thinking that you could manage everything singlehandedly is pure foolishness.  So it is extremely essential that you put in a lot of dedication and knowledge in hand picking the best individuals that are well equipped with all the qualities to take your business to greater heights’. Forming your dream team with people who share your dreams. passions and value integrity can make your work ten times easier. Furthermore, as a team leader you should do all that is on your capacity to promote team cohesiveness and satisfaction alongside providing your employees ample opportunities to grow and gain exposure. Your team acts as your ambassador and would be responsible to spread your ideas to mass consumers and as long as they are committed to your work, your business has an immense chance to beat the odds and garner great success.

  • Invest in promoting top notch customer services

In this ever evolving and fast era of technical advancement there are countless options for each of us to explore. Every day a new entrepreneur enters the market to introduce his scheme and provide a solution to a myriad of problems. And that influx of great ideas and talents has created a tough competition for the new comers’ as well as for the seasoned professionals. The customershave a lot to choose from in terms of products and services and to stand out from the crowd you’d have to deliver your very best. And in such tricky market situations having an excellent customer service can guarantee a profitable business. Consider your customers one of your greatest assets and try to acutely understand their needs and demands. No matter what you do or how good your expertise are, always listen your customers. Pay attention to what they actually need and then evaluate all that important data to customise and enhance your brand. All the great brands and business magnates’ swear by the fact that if you are able to flawlessly cater to a wide variety of audiences, understand their consumerist needs and empathise with them then potential clients can easily become long term partners in no time.

  • Staying ahead of your competition

Corporate world is famous for it’s cutthroat competitions. With the rapidly changing market trends’ and a customer base larger than ever, success can easily turn into a game of hit or miss. And that’s where planning ahead of your competition  and having an acute knowledge regarding ‘the next big trend’ are the two most important things that can guarantee your company a top position.  Add to that, a strong and seasoned entrepreneur will know when to take the lead of the big companies, when to collaborate and when to compete.  

  • Do you do best and outsource the rest

Entrepreneurs who believe that their company can provide a solution for everything are highly delusional. The most articulate way to go about optimising your business output is to set your priorities straight. Keeping your efforts focused on the most integral growth factors can prove to be highly essential for your business. Too many priorities and multiple goals make for an ambiguous team effort. Do only what you think you can do best and strive to out perform your counterparts in your area of expertise.  Moreover, to improve things further, outsourcing and collaborating with other companies for technical needs, infrastructure facilities, manufacturing needs and administrative functions can often be extremely cost effective whilst accounting for rapid profitability.

  • Always keep your eyes open for acquiring capital funding and expansion opportunities

Expansion is not only a thing applied to corporate giants and big companies which operate globally. Even if you own a humble start up business always find out ways to expand your business.  Not only it allows you and your business to grow by leaps and bounds but expansion also brings along a great deal of exposure and increase your market presence.

Expansion is obviously directly linked to capital availability and external funding. While small businesses may face a lot difficulty in expanding especially when the profits are not sky rocketing but keeping a close check on funding opportunities is a really smart move. Reach out to your friends and families and try to get them involved in your financial matters before emptying all your life long savings. Acquiring reliable and long term bank loans are also a very viable option. The best of all is to establish goodwill relationships with big investors’ and work hard to sell them your business ideas so that they could fund your upcoming projects and amplify your chances of earning financial rewards.

With this last piece of advice our list of some of the best and fool proof tips for successful entrepreneurship comes to end. Apart from following these steps its important to learn from your mistakes at every step and regardless of the bad times never stop working hard. If you keep on going you will surely reach your desired goals. It is only a matter of time.